There for you when you're in over your head

Dock Builds

Bay Side Dock Co. offers versatile dock builds for your home. Take advantage of the beautiful waters Door County has to offer with a dock right on the waters of Lake Michigan and Green Bay. 

Lite. Strong. Rigid. Quality.

These are just a few words you might hear while buying a portable dock system. The difference is, when we use them, it’s not B.S. Ask the other guys how their system feels sitting on 6, 8, or even 10 feet of dock leg. The words used then are wobbly and shaky.

Our docks are 43.3 pounds with no wobble. 

bay side dock co. there for you when you're in over your head
bay side dock co. there for you when you're in over your head

(So light it floats until the tires fill with water.)

With our experience in big water, our portable dock system is built in Sturgeon Bay, Wi and engineered for big water. What does that mean for you? You get a dock system that doesn’t feel like you are standing on the top rung of a step ladder. At 43 pounds per 4×12 section, we offer the best pound for pound section available.

Jumbo-Tread Stairs

Bigger is better! Building off the success of our standard dock stair, we’ve literally expanded our dock stairs to include the Jumbo-Tread option!

With a massive 28″ step width and 8-5/8″ step depth, the Jumbo-Tread Stair provides a comfortable climb or decent for people of any size. These dock steps get you in and out of the water with maximum safety.

bay side dock co. there for you when you're in over your head

The gentle incline and handrails make use safe, stable, and comfortable. They are perfect near shoreline, or at a variety of water depths. Steps have 12″ adjustable legs to fit your application perfectly, and each step features non-slip traction grips.

Great for kids, older or physically limited adults, larger adults, and even pets. Premium aluminum construction is intended for use in freshwater applications. 500 lb. capacity. Due to variations in dock construction and design, mounting hardware is sold separately.

bay side dock co. there for you when you're in over your head

Elevator Legs

Make install even easier, level with no lifting.


All aluminum, beautiful, and comfortable.


All aluminum, with several different styles and sizes.


All aluminum available in standard or extra wide, 4, or 6 steps.

PVC Pipe Covers

Add symmetry and sex appeal, covers make all of your legs the same length

Leg Bracket

Removable brackets, made from air craft quality aluminum extrusion, provide awesome rigidity.

X Bracing Kit

Quick connect deep water braces make life easy. (Only necessary if the dock frame sits 6 feet from the lake bottom).

Poly Panel

No maintenance poly decking available in grey tan and white.

Why choose Bayside Dock Co.? 


The long answer would include something about the materials and quality, which you hear about everything you buy. The short answer: 

Go Walk On It. Our quality piers, docks, and panels speak for themselves. 

bay side dock co. there for you when you're in over your head